You’re Not Diversifying, You’re Tokenizing:  A Message to The Bike Industry

You’re Not Diversifying, You’re Tokenizing:  A Message to The Bike Industry The Desperate Need for Authentic Equity in The Bicycle Industry & Why the Bicycling Industry May Never Be Truly Inclusive     Inclusion as a Marketing Tactic When companies try to reach out to marginalized communities, what does inclusivity really mean?     Over... Continue Reading →

Why Bicycle Justice Isn’t a White Guy in Spandex – via Yes! magazine  photo credit - Chinaka Hodge, Why Bicycle Justice Isn’t a White Guy in Spandex Well, it doesn’t have to be. People of color make up the fastest-growing demographic among cyclists, and everyone benefits. Elly Blue posted Aug 10, 2016 Jenna Burton moved to Oakland, California, in 2007. She was tired of the cost... Continue Reading →

Traffic School for Ticketed Cyclists! Reduce those fines & learn to ride safe with Bike East Bay   Bicycle Traffic School FAQ Bike East Bay, in partnership with the California Bicycle Coalition, helped pass the Bicycle Traffic School bill (AB 902) in 2015. This allows people ticketed for a vehicle code violation while bicycling in California to attend a class and have the fine reduced or removed. Below you can find answers to frequently asked... Continue Reading →

Bus Driver Cycling Education in Brazil Bus Drivers Find Out What It’s Like To Get Passed By A Bus While On A Bike   Do you ever wish the person driving dangerously close to you while you’re on your bike could feel what you feel? Cyclists in Brazil got the chance to show bus drivers exactly what it feels like... Continue Reading →

Beige on the Oregon Trail

from 5/1/15 In the course I registered for, there are 3 other scholarship winners out of 5 women in the 16 person class.  Most everyone has a different idea they intend to use the knowledge for. Frame building, low income cycling advocacy, family cycling advocacy, mechanic, adapted bicycles for veterans and more. There is a... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Hostel

Wednesday and I made it to The Cycle Hostel. There are a lot of cyclists here. Mostly on mountain bikes. With existence is rooted in resistance, my colorful being will have to self censor while here...  QWOC plight. Loud girl problems. Tomorrow, UBI.

From Oakland to Oregon

Friday - Took Shawn's Rideshare from El Cerrito to Ashland. We even arrived ahead of schedule. It was nice if not a bit cramped conditions for a person who is used to riding and BART. Ample rest breaks though. An overall awesome experience, rideshare is definitely they way to go. Me and Wednesday made the... Continue Reading →

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