,KittyKnox_cropHard Knox Bikes is a specialty bike clinic offering services and resources supporting women, people of color, queer, trans and gender variant communities of Oakland, Ca.

Inspired by Kitty Knox, who in 1895 challenged both race and gender roles in the cycling community, we strive to offer a welcoming space for the diverse community of folx who ride bikes in the East Bay. Our goal is to help inspire self-empowerment for our communities to lead healthy, active, confident lives through cycling.  By means of repairs, mechanical and safety education we want people to have the best experience possible riding in this urban metropolis.   Hard Knox Bikes offers repairs, workshops and clinics as well as resources to other bike programs, workspaces, rides and more.

You can find HXB at festivals, community events and more.





Owner, Founder, Mechanic, Instructor – Binky Brown2017-headshot

Binky began riding a bicycle for transportation as a single mom living in Oakland.   An interest in launching a woman-owned auto mechanic operation quickly shifted to bike mechanics and education, as she experienced the benefits of bicycling in her own life.

She received her Certification in Bicycle Mechanics from the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon in 2015.  Binky recently became a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor #5443.  To find out more about the woman and POC only class she helped 14 others attend click hereShe has a love for teaching others how to repair their own bikes, and specializes in bicycles from the 1970s through 1990s. She has instructed over dozens of educational and mechanical workshops at Bay Area events and local bike shops since 2010, many for marginalized communities.

Through Hard Knox Bikes, the goal is to provide support and resources to marginalized communities that can be overlooked in the larger cycling industry. Brown hopes that by creating safe spaces where women, people of color, queer and transgender persons can gain education with hands-on experience, Hard Knox can become a resource for more people to benefit from the growing bicycling infrastructure in the Bay Area, while offering representation and inclusion for a more vibrant and multifaceted cycling world.
-Picture by Ginger Jui


We encourage you to live freewheeling and inspired!

For more information on Kitty Knox please check out these links:










-Picture of Kitty Knox source [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTtVl_vXAAABcp0.jpg]

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