Help Single Black Mama Mechanic & Fight Gentrification

A common story in these times.   Help fight gentrification and landlord greed.  Keep a dedicated bicycle educator, advocate and mechanic housed and able to continue offering mechanical and safety instruction to marginalized communities throughout the Bay Area. We thank everyone who has already supported, contributed and shared. - Please share or donate if you... Continue Reading →


Bicycle Workshop Survey

Please check out and complete this survey to find out how we can make our workshops better serve the community and offer even more resources. Workshops for the People start with YOU! Click the link --->

Need to borrow a bike tool?!

Did you know that you can check out bicycle tools just like books at the Oakland Public Library? With your Oakland Public Library card and a few other qualifiers - you can rent out the bike tools you don't have or don't wish to buy from the Tool Lending Library right next to  the Temescal... Continue Reading →

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