These Young Mechanics Are the Next Generation of Bike Repair Culture people These Young Mechanics Are the Next Generation of Bike Repair Don't let their age fool you—these wrenches have some serious maintenance skills By Caitlin Giddings March 10, 2016 Nayla Hale (left), 16, and Khori Wilson, 13, told us about their journeys from repair newbies to master mechanics.  Photograph by David Johnson On... Continue Reading →

As Cycling Gains Traction in Africa, When Do Women Get to Ride? August 8, 2015 As Cycling Gains Traction in Africa, When Do Women Get to Ride? Riders from Eritrea Broke Barriers at the 2015 Tour de France. Will they pave the way for women cyclists? Salem Solomon Through sheer grit and determination, Eritrea’s Daniel Teklehaimanot and Merhawi Kudus became the first black Africans to compete... Continue Reading →

Minerva’s Lilies – sisterhood, magic, mothers Minerva’s Lilies | A Personal Portrait of Sisterhood, Magic and Mothers 4 weeks ago by Alix-Rose Cowie   <p><a href="">Casimir presents: Minerva&rsquo;s Lilies by Amirah Tajdin</a> from <a href="">Casimir</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p> Casimir presents a new short film by director-to-watch Amirah Tajdin inspired by the idea of sisterhood, magic, femininity and heartache. Shot against... Continue Reading →

BXG @ UBI (oakland to oregon and back)

QBP (Quality Bicycle Parts) offered a 2015 scholarship for 10 women to attend UBI's (United Bicycle Institute) Professional Repair and Shop Operation Class. It is a top of the industry two week long program for experienced mechanics. There were over 800 applicants. I was one of the ten winners. In the course I registered for,... Continue Reading →

Beige on the Oregon Trail

from 5/1/15 In the course I registered for, there are 3 other scholarship winners out of 5 women in the 16 person class.  Most everyone has a different idea they intend to use the knowledge for. Frame building, low income cycling advocacy, family cycling advocacy, mechanic, adapted bicycles for veterans and more. There is a... Continue Reading →

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