It’s August & We Are Open For Business!

Hey everyone!

This summer we have already held 4 free workshops to over 100 people! There are two more this year, so don’t miss out. Check out our website to stay up to date on more free workshops.

WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Offering tune up and flat fix services. Check out our Repairs page for more details and get your bike rolling today!

Saturday August 15th we are hosting a FREE flat fix webinar with Bike East Bay. Come join us to learn patching and inner tube replacement. Register here:

See if you win this month’s FREE FLAT FIX! Check out our free page.

Support Black Owned Business with a custom workshop!

Hard Knox Bikes is now offering custom workshops for you, your friends, your co workers or whom ever you choose. They are online or sidewalk social distancing. Check out our Workshops page for more information!

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