How to Lock Your Bike in the Bay


Best Practices

Lock It.  Remove it.  Valet it.

Where to Lock – On the bike:

  • Rear triangle

  • Frame

Locking-Techniques-Multiple-Devices-Thumb (1) 

  • Seat post


Where to Lock – On the street:

  • Secure bike racks

  • Indoor bike racks











  • Locking quick release for wheels and seat post

locking QR

  • Locking seat post collar

seat collar secure

  • Take lights off bike


  • Don’t leave outside overnight or all day


Use good locks, ‘any lock’ just won’t do. 

  •             Cable lock = easily cut

  •             U lock = harder to cut, but not impossible

  •             2 or More U locks = more hassle/time than it’s worth, to most thievesDoubleLocks


If someone wants to steal your bike, they will. 


There is no 100% theft proof method.  However, these tips can help reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen.  Remember: The more locks the merrier and nicer the bike, the more likely a target.  Try not to leave your bike if you can avoid it.  Even when inside a building, be sure to lock the frame and rear wheel at a minimum. 



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