Saturday May 28th Almost Summer Sunset Sister Ride

May 28th 2016 – Oakland, Ca

Saturday May 28th, Almost Summer Sunset Sisters Ride!!!14658232986_32c5e14d8d_o

All inclusive, intergenerational sisters ride. (or whoever shoes up)
Consider yourself a sister? Ally to the sisterhood? Women of Color, Queer Women, TransWomen, Gender Variant folks ride with us!!
Saturday May 28th Almost Summer Sunset Sister Ride
Mandela Parkway – Oakland Ca
7pm –
There will be pre-ride check ups and tools available to use.
Please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions.
This ride is basically not for cis-males.
This ride should be a space where people of color feel safe.
This ride is inclusive to all colors as long as you can call your self a sister, sistah, womyn, woman, lady, butch, trans, queer, awesome, badass, shy, unknown –

Love Your Ride


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