One week to UBI

Just a week before leaving.

The decision to document my experience came from the idea that I should capitalize off of myself the same way UBI and QBP most certainly will.  If, as suggested by my sister in law, that I be the sacrifice for others to succeed, so fucking be it. 

I’ll go to attain the accredited knowledge require to advance in this straight white male dominated industry.

Gender equality has been an important issue throughout my life. Rights for black, POC, Queer, Trans and all other oppressed persons and beings as well as numerous other issues help empower the desire to bridge gaps and share valuable skills.

People should learn and share knowledge for the benefit of all. Not financial gain for a few. 

There are skills we should all have to survive. If not just to get us to think, in order to see other things. The ability to adapt.  Especially when we are taught we cannot. 

Especially when we are taught to be lazy, knowing you either use it or you lose it.  We are humans made to live with the land not dependent on technology.  Technology wasted on making the fastest, lightest, bike for the richest people on the planet. Instead of creating a way for everyone to have one. 

Inspiration can go a long way. Showing someone they can. A person discovering their own ability is so valuable. Especially to our community. Especially now. 


I’m not about bikes as a lifestyle like a fashion trend. A bicycle is an object. Cycling makes it a tool. It is what people make it. It has been a revolution. Inspiration. Therapy. The only meaning in existence. The occasional weekend fun. A way to relax. A way to keep fit. A way to see the world. Something to make your own. Something to transform. Or a simple means of transport.

I’ve decided to document my reason for using this tool.  

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