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The Community Support Program ensures everyone has access to bicycle traffic and mechanical safety information regardless of their financial situation.  Through community support – a spot in a workshop or a whole workshop is provided free for community members whom Hard Knox is most dedicated to serving and supporting who may otherwise not be able to access certain information in a comfortable environment.


This is a two-part program consisting of those who request support and those who give support Attendance to a workshop is supporting!!  Anyone who falls under the populations Hard Knox Bikes aims to serve may sign up to request addition to the Support list.  That’s it.  When a spot or class becomes available persons will be contacted in order of sign up, down the list for as many available spots there are.  A person may choose to pass on a workshop – and they will remain on the list to be contacted again and the next person down will be contacted for the spot.  A person may also forfeit their spot and donate it to another when they are contacted.  If the person contact makes no response to either attend, pass or donate they will be removed from the list.  A person can always sign up again but no one will be allowed to take the same workshop for free twice.  Everyone is eligible to sign up as many times as they like to attend all workshops offered for free.


The other part is the supporters.  Support is given in the following ways:

  1. Attend a public workshop! A percentage of the proceeds of every workshop goes into the Community Support Program.


  1. Package Workshops. Sold to business or organizations for their employees to attend, automatically pay for a minimum of one free spot in a workshop depending on which package is purchased. All Packages support either an entire FREE Fix a Flat workshop or a FREE spot in one of our other workshops:
    1. Outrider Scouts
    2. Any Mini Workshop [Stop!, Gear Up, Move It]
    3. Fundamentals or Stop!
    4. Outrider or Gear Up
    5. A Full Fundamentals or Move It workshop


  1. The other way to support is to donate money directly to the fund. Any amount is greatly appreciated as it will all go to help everyone attain the knowledge they desire.


All who support either through Package workshops, direct support or attendance of public workshops will be recognized on the Supporters Page of our website.


We want to thank everyone who supports in any way they can, to ensure everyone has access to the information they and skills they desire.


Thanks to everyone for your support and ride well,

Hard Knox Bikes

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