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Growing up in the East Bay, Brown began riding her bicycle for transportation as an adult living in West Oakland.  The idea to create a women-focused auto business shifted when she realized how much she was utilizing her bike and how much more she could do with it.  She has a love for teaching others how to repair their own bikes, and specializes in bicycles from the 1970s through 1990s. She has instructed over dozens of educational and mechanical workshops at Bay Area events and local bike shops since 2010, many for marginalized communities.

Through Hard Knox Bikes, the goal is to provide support and resources to marginalized communities that can be overlooked in the larger cycling industry. Brown hopes help create a safe space for women, people of color, queer and transgender persons to gain bicycle education in a welcoming environment.  Hard Knox aims to be a resource for more people to benefit from the growing bicycling infrastructure in the Bay Area, while offering representation and inclusion for a more vibrant and multifaceted cycling world.

Brown has received certification in Bicycle Mechanics through the United Bicycle Institute and certification in bicycle safety instruction through the League of American Bicyclists #5443.  She is also a member of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association.

To learn more about the Women and People of Color League of American Bicyclist Instructor Training click here.

-Picture by Ginger Jui

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