Sorry for the delay…

In the last few months I haven’t been able to post or share as much due to landlord harassment and on-going legal issues that ensued.  

Sad to say this looks unlikely to end anytime soon.   Even after receiving an unexpected amount of support and help from folx through a gofundme campaign – the legal battle isn’t over.  If I were rich or had resources I would have given up and moved.

However I am a low income, multi marginalized, single mom with no other options.  So, most of my attention is on fighting for my own survival against gentrification, anti-black harassment, a vindictive pig of a landlord and making sure I don’t end up on the street.    

The goal is that at the end of this, to build Hard Knox Bikes into what it is meant to become: A safe space for POC, queer, women, non-binary, trans folx to learn and wrench on bikes!

I will try my best to post and share as much as I can, mainly on Facebook.  Thanks for your support and understanding.  


Ride Well – 



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