Help Single Black Mama Mechanic & Fight Gentrification

A common story in these times.  

Help fight gentrification and landlord greed. 

Keep a dedicated bicycle educator, advocate and mechanic housed and able to continue offering mechanical and safety instruction to marginalized communities throughout the Bay Area.

We thank everyone who has already supported, contributed and shared.

– Please share or donate if you can – We are so close to our goal –

Reaching out publicly for such a need was not an easy decision. It was harder still to post here, on my own website. 

There are so many others in need lately, so many families that don’t have advocates for them. Everyone needs support in one way or another and we are all only capable of so much. My hope is to get help to continue helping others. Even if you are not able to offer financial support a ‘share’ goes a long way.

For the full story or to share, click the link:

The gofundme platform does take a portion of all donations, so if you wish to help without a middleman you can donate directly to:



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